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Published: Monday 25 January, 2016

A baby shower will be one of the most memorable days of a mom's life. As families and traditions change, so do these celebrations. Why not place placards or banners / signs that show the path to the baby shower. Blow some balloons filled with jelly beans and use diapers or string across the room. Here are some quick baby shower decorating tips that you'll love. Tie balloons and crepe paper to a high back chair or 'throne' that the mom-to-be will sit in while she opens her gifts. By doing this you will place the party's attention on the mom-to-be.

Arrange colorful helium filled balloons on each table. The easiest way to do this is to locate a party supply store the day of your baby shower and pick up the balloons already inflated and in arrangements.  Perhaps it's been a while since the last baby came and things were given away or sold. Or maybe this new arrival is a surprise! If mom and dad didn't see this one coming, they might need an extra hand getting things gathered together again. Like the other theme supplies, Baby Pooh comes with everything you need to decorate and accessorize your baby shower. There is a yard sign to announce that your guests have arrived to the right place. The paper plates, cups and paper napkins all match the soft and pretty colors found in the table cloth and there are lots of soft colored latex balloons and streamers to decorate your party room with. You can even mail them a baby shower favor to commemorate the event, the same as you would hand one out in person. Paper straws wholesale are often used for decorations at baby showers and even for baby favors for the guests. You can find candle favors in many styles and colors which will match shower decorations.

For added effect, apply some glue on the paper and sprinkle some glitter on the paper. You will have sparking stars and moon. This will put your guests in a party paper straws as they enter your home. Some of the yard signs that you will find actually have an arrow on them, making it a great tool to use to help your guests find the party.

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